[Samba] Shares on XP - Q from a Windoze Newbie:)

Morgan Read mstuff at read.org.nz
Fri Mar 9 09:45:21 GMT 2007

Hello list

(Objective is to run a nightly backup script for my partners XP Home
machine personal files under "Documents and Settings".)

This is more a need for confirmation (I hope) than a true Q.

Not too familiar with Windoze since 2000, so:

From these links:

Where "root" is an "administrator" user and HOME is the "Documents and
Settings" directory, it seems that the problems I'm having using this
command to login and access a user account directory (under "Documents
and Settings") on my partners XP Home, are... XP Home?
/mount -t cifs // /mnt/cifs -o user=root,password=root

And, the problems I'm having using this command to shutdown my partners
XP Home, are... XP Home?
net rpc shutdown -I -U root%root

Can anyone confirm, if I replace XP Home with XP Pro (all things being
equal) these commands are the right ones to do what I want: mount a cifs
share that is a user account directory and shutdown the XP machine?

(I just don't want to disrupt my partner for no good reason...)

Morgan Read

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