[Samba] Q: Samba Proxy or SAMBA Cluster?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at trimble.co.nz
Fri Mar 9 02:28:57 GMT 2007

Michael Heydon wrote:
> Hi,
>> The main samba server holds all files and all user information. The
>> CIFS Proxy in the remote location have a copy of all files and a copy
>> of the user database.
>> If a user open a file the file will be locked on all servers (main
>> server and all cifs proxy). If the user write a file (new file or
>> file change) the file will be still locked until the file is written
>> on all servers.
What about just using Samba as a front-end to a shared NFS backend? I
know that under Linux at least Samba and NFS can both ack locks due to
the "kernel oplocks" option.

Shouldn't that do what you want? Someone opens a file on Samba-Site1,
and the central NFS server locks it for the rest?

Obviously performance will be an issue as I assume you are talking about
sites being geographically separate. Neither NFS nor Samba/SMB perform
well over a WAN.


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