[Samba] recommended filesystems with NT/Posix ACL's ?

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Thu Mar 8 04:42:49 GMT 2007

ip guy wrote:
> hi all
> i'm about to upgrade from samba 2.x to a samba 3.x domain member 
> server and
> wanted to fact ACL support into the equation.
> what is the recommended ACL file system for samba ?
Anything that supports ACLs.  :)

ext3 is always a reasonable choice but for a server you may prefer xfs 
or jfs. The latter were both developed for big Unix boxes and have been 
in the kernel for a passable length of time. Any of the the three should 
be fine for normal use on a server however. ReiserFS is also good, but 
has some limitations that may make it less than ideal for a server.

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