[Samba] Office products Locking issues

Mark Adams mark at campbell-lange.net
Wed Mar 7 16:06:43 GMT 2007

Hi All,


I am currently having 2 strange re-occuring issues, that seems to happen
sporadically. I am not sure if they are related.

Users are advised when trying to save a file that "the Drive is full",
even though there is alot of free space. I have read a technote on the
microsoft site about this as it is a known issue with Word, but their
suggested fixes do not help.

Excel users are sometimes advised that 'The file is read only, as it is
locked by $USER' the USER is themselves. They quite often have not even
opened the file that day, when they get this. I have found in the past
that restarting samba has corrected this particular issue which leads me
to believe it is a problem with lock files. 

Has anyone else experienced these issues and been able to correct them?

How does samba create, and release its lock files, and what could stop
this from working as desired?

Any help greatly appreciated. If i have not provided enough information
please let me know what you need.


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