[Samba] samba+ldap: Simu.- login of 2 different users => user rejected

Tim Boneko lists at boneko.de
Tue Mar 6 19:00:16 GMT 2007

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel schrieb:

> 	PAM: UNKNOWN PAM ERROR is not something nice to see
> on your longs. 

That's sad but true...

> 	Did you already increase the log level of Samba?

I'll check that tomorrow (hopefully).
> 	Simultaneously should be interpreted "at the exactly
> same time", or should be interpreted as "a user logs in the
> morning and the same user logs in the afternoon".

They hit the return key at the same second. Found it out when i did some
performance tuning and testing (which showed that the SO_xBUF options
indeed increased it. I'm at 8 MB/sec netto data rate on a 100Mbit net.
Is that acceptable for you?)

>> obey pam restrictions = yes
>> pam password change =   yes
> 	You are using PAM, so you really should check
> there, it could be the problem.

OK, I'll try it tomorrow. I'm not sure why these options are set, must
have been me some months ago... darn amateurs...

Many thanks for your hints, i'll let you know the effects!


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