[Samba] Re: Change user IDs on Samba PDC

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Tue Mar 6 15:31:49 GMT 2007

On 06/03/2007 14:46, simo wrote:

> Ahh, then you should have no problems, we don't save uids/gids in
> tdbsam, just the username.

That sounds great.
So, the UIDs in pdbedit's output are not read from the Samba database, 
but taken instead at runtime from /etc/passwd?

I mean, quoting the pdbedit manpage:

        -L This option lists all the user accounts present in the users 
database. This option prints  a list of user/uid pairs separated by the 
':' character.

           Example: pdbedit -L

           sorce:500:Simo Sorce
           samba:45:Test User

        -v This  option  enables the verbose listing format. It causes 
pdbedit to list the users in the database, printing out the account 
fields in a descriptive format.

           Example: pdbedit -L -v

           username:       sorce
           user ID/Group:  500/500
           user RID/GRID:  2000/2001
           Full Name:      Simo Sorce

(Actually, with the current pdbedit I don't see any UIDs with -Lv, I 
only see SIDs; but I still see the Linux UIDs when only using the -L option)

> Unfortunately we do save the gid in the group mapping database, so you
> must be carefull with mapped groups, but at most you will have to delete
> and redo the mapping.

No problem here, I have almost no group mappings at all.

> Better to do it wtih samba stopped imo.

Of course.

>> This would wipe out all of my doubts, but I don't expect it to be SO 
>> easy... is it?
> Why not? :-)

Because sh*t happens ;).


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