[Samba] samba problems. accounts expire after a hour, but work after reset

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Tue Mar 6 15:09:10 GMT 2007

Thx Felipe, after a week debugging, i found the problem!!

there was a mix up with SID's. i had 5 machines and username with the 
same SID
including the PDC.

but there is something funny were i need some help with,

if i make a new user or machine account, samba generate the SID 
i saw, that my server doesn't look at existing SID's.

how can i let samba make SID's after a specified number ??
my problem at the moment is that  if i make a new user, samba generate 
an existing SID, and there for
trouble arise!

example: current last SID in user database:  
if i make a new user samba will use: 
S-1-5-21-1968991162-2130249723-1959552931-5410    ????????????

so basically it's all about the last 4 digits!
can i alter a .tdb file ??? (if so witch one??)

all i like is samba to start making SID's after that -5462 number !!!

Cheers, Collen....

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel wrote:
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> On 02/28/2007 10:11 AM, Collen Blijenberg wrote:
>> Hello I'm having some strange problems with samba 3.0.23d
>> (PDC) on my FC6
> Hi Collen!
>> if i start samba, everything works fine, but after an hour 
>> orso(some times 2 hours if there is not mutch traffic)
>> machines and user accounts start expiring.
>> i don't know why, but it is ?! after i do a restart, samba 
>> comes up and works again.
>> i checked the mysql server (coz' i use pdb-sql as backend) 
>> but the sql query's get executed and value's are returned.
>> (even if goes into bug-mode) so that part works ok!, all i
>> can think of is that tdb files get corrupted ??
> 	That's strange. Are you using Policy for you domain?
> Like the length of the password, time before user can change
> password and so on.
>> the funny part is that i also have a BDC running the same 
>> samba version and sql version, and that one has no prob's
>> ad all (only the smb.conf is differed and the netbios name)
>> but on the counter part, the bdc isn't really doing anything, 
>> ot's not serving shares or printers actively..
>> some input would be nice, coz' i really have no idea where 
>> to look... ???
> 	Can you provide logs when your server is working? That
> could help diagnose the problem.
> 	Kind regards,
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