[Samba] SambaNextRid, SambaPrimaryGroupSid.

emmanuel musso emmanuel.musso at iut-tlse3.fr
Tue Mar 6 10:01:09 GMT 2007

Hello All

With Samba 3.0.24 with ldap backend, what can i do for using  algorithm "rid =
2*uid + 1000", when samba create samba attributes (sambasid) of computer
account, instead of SambaNextRid from SambaDomainName entry ?
Is samba able to create SambaPrimaryGroupSid (with rid = 515) with other samba
attributes ?
Why 3.0.22 -> 3.0.23 upgrade has modified thoses two.

thanks, regards

P.S.I've already post this on the list

Emmanuel musso
technicien informatique
I.U.T. Paul Sabatier
Dépt Génie électrique 0562258241
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