[Samba] Re: Change user IDs on Samba PDC

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Tue Mar 6 08:18:09 GMT 2007

On 06/03/2007 0:35, simo wrote:

>>> HOWTO (Desktop Profile Management Chapter) about this?
>> No, as far as I can tell this situation is not covered there; it talks 
>> about migrating profiles from a NT PDC, which is somehow different, and 
>> I'm missing the pieces to link it all together.
> You are missing the fact it is the same thing :-)

Hi Simo! :)

Well... maybe it is the same thing conceptually, but surely it is not 
from a practical point of view, e.g. "On your NT4 domain controller, 
right-click on My Computer, then select Properties, then the tab labeled 
User Profiles" hardly suits a Samba PDC ;).

Moreover, my main purpose is not the migration of profiles from a server 
to a second one: I just want to "fix" UIDs on a server. I don't even 
know if some kind of migration will be needed for this, that's why I'm 

>> strongly fear it could break something; it also only appears to support 
>> NT, which probably means you're in for a headache if you use it on XP 
>> profiles.
> profiles are the same on all machines the registry format has not change
> afaik.

"AFAIK" is the problem here ;).

> Why can't you just keep your original tdbsam/ldap database  of users,
> alogn with your PDC name and the secrets.tdb file ?

Can I?
Are you saying I can change the Linux UIDs, and Samba will continue 
working without a hitch with the same configuration and user database as 
This would wipe out all of my doubts, but I don't expect it to be SO 
easy... is it?
I'm using tdbsam BTW.


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