[Samba] Translating the Samba Howto Collection in French

Jean-Philippe Guérard jean-philippe.guerard at tigreraye.org
Mon Mar 5 22:20:43 GMT 2007


I'm a member of a French howto translation project 
(http://www.traduc.org). A member of our team would like to start 
translating the Samba Howto Collection in French.

We're aware of a previous translation project, but it seems to be dead 
and there is apparently no way to reach its members or see the work it 
has done:


 - Are you aware of a currently active translation project working on 
   translating these documents in French?
 - If there is no such project, is it OK for us to start working on this 
Thanks in advance!

Best Regards.

Jean-Philippe Guérard

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