[Samba] Trouble adding samba server to a domain

Don.Walters at FalconJet.com Don.Walters at FalconJet.com
Mon Mar 5 22:12:04 GMT 2007

> > the topic of your message differs from the content. Do you have a
> > domain in use?
> > Were you able to sucessfully add the machine to the domain with
> > kerberos?

Sorry, maybe my subject line wasn't very good.  Yes, I have a domain
that I'd like to add my server to so that it's listed under the same
domain as the other PCs on my network.  However, at this point
(desperate as I am) I wouldn't mind having it listed ANYWHERE so long as
its possible to type in \\mis001 on the clients instead of the IP
address and have it recognize my hostname.

I don't really know how to "add the machine to the domain with Kerberos"
as you described, but if you can point me to some recommended reading,
I'd be glad to pursue this without troubling the list.  Maybe this is
where I'm going wrong.  I have never done this part before.

> > What are your requirements for this server anyway?

I already have several shares of read-only data that is being served to
the user community here.  This data was formerly on a Windows 2000
machine and I migrated everything over to this Linux box.  So far
everything is working beautifully except for this one problem.  I want
to be able to recognize the hostname instead of the IP so my users don't
have to remember the IP address.  They were all familiar with the
hostname before, so its looking like a big mess asking them to start
using the IP address after the switchover.

But ultimately I would like the server to be part of the domain where
all the PCs are listed.

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