[Samba] NTLM authentication with squid using smbpasswd/tdbsam?

janm-samba at transactionware.com janm-samba at transactionware.com
Mon Mar 5 04:00:28 GMT 2007


I want to set up squid (2.6.9) with Samba (3.0.24) using
NTLM authentication.  I don't want to authenticate against an AD
server;  I just want to authenticate against a smbpasswd backend
without sending the password over the network in the clear.

The squid server is on the same box a the Samba server providing
file/print services to XP workstations.

The primary way of using NTLM seems to be using ntlm_auth.
ntlm_auth connects to winbindd which then connects to an AD server
for authentication.  This doesn't seem to be what I want. 

I could use something like pam_smbpass, but the password goes over
the network in the clear which I'd like to avoid.

Question:  Is is possible to use ntlm_auth/winbind for authentication
against an smbpasswd or tdbsam backend?  Is there another way that
I'm missing?

In case it matters, this is on FreeBSD, 6.2 and 5.3.

Guidance appreciated, even if it is "go over to the squid list"!


Jan Mikkelsen

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