[Samba] Delete permission question

Richard Greaney richard at net-solutions.net.nz
Mon Mar 5 02:05:54 GMT 2007

Hi all

I have been trying to figure this out but have decided to give in and
ask the list.

I am setting up a samba share that is writeable by numerous users. This
is no problem - put them in the necessary group and chmod g+w that
directory. The problem is that only the user who owns the parent
directory is able to delete files from it. I know that dir permissions
govern who can and can't delete files on Unix, but I'd like anyone to be
able to delete any file within that directory structure.

I am not using any ACLs, nor am I using any special entries in the
service definition of my smb.conf.

    path = /var/www/infoshare
    writable = yes
    force group = folder-infoshare-modify

ls -l /var/www/
drwxrwx---+   6 root     folder-infoshare-modify     4096 infoshare

In this case, my users belong to the correct group
(folder-infoshare-modify) so they can write to the share without
problem. However, unless their username is root, none of these users
will be able to delete any file they save. Is there a way to do this?

I hope I have made this clear enough.

If anyone can assist, I'd appreciate it.


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