[Samba] Administrator on samba server?

James A. Dinkel jdinkel at bucoks.com
Fri Mar 2 17:36:20 GMT 2007

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> From: max
> Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 9:39 AM
> Hi,
> I've samba 3 running on trustix 2.2.
> I've added an xp sp2 client without much problems.
> But now I'm trying to use "administrator" user on this client for
> administrative purpouses (adding software, printers and so on) and
> realized that, even if in Samba the user "administrator" exists, it
> recognised by the client as an administrator.
> When I add an xp client to a real windows server computer, the domain
> administrator is immediately recognised by the client as administrator
> the client itself, with samba this is not. Why? How to fix this?
> Thanks.
> Max

'root' is the name of the administrator on linux machines.  Linux
machines don't care about what administrator account is used on Windows
machines.  If you want, you could add the domain administrator account
to the admin group on your Trustix machine.  This can vary from
distribution to distribution, on Ubuntu the group name is 'admin' so you
just add the user to that group, but this could be different on Trustix.
You will have to consult your Trustix documentation on this.

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