[Samba] blocking name diffusion within two subnets

Olivier Miquel olivier.miquel at mri.cnrs.fr
Thu Mar 1 16:20:45 GMT 2007


I administrate a samba server with two network cards. This server is 
visible and serve his shares succesfully on two differents subnets.
Ports 137,138 & 139 (both tcp & upd) are filtered between those two 
subnets by cisco switches.
The problem is that all my computers on the first subnet are visible 
from the second subnet in the network neigbourhood. Only their names are 
visibles, their shares can't be displayed or used.
As i say ports 137,138 a 139 are filtered so i suspect my smb server to 
broadcast netbios names from one subnet to another.
Am i right?
How could i stop that while keeping my server visible from the two subnets?


Ps: I'm sorry for my english, i'm not used to write in that language.

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