[Samba] subdirectories with different permissions

Matt Ingram mingram at cbnco.com
Thu Mar 1 15:10:06 GMT 2007

Several users keep asking for a similar setup, and I'm wondering if 
there's a way to achieve it with a single samba share.

They'll ask for a single share drive the has multiple subdirectories 
with each subdirectory having different permissions based on groups.

So say you have a share called COLOURS and inside that share are three 
subdirectories, RED, GREEN and BLUE.

Group1 should have RW access to everything, and Group2 should have RW to 
RED, Read-only to GREEN and no access to BLUE.

I typically will just create three shares for them (RED, GREEN and BLUE) 
and provide access accordingly - as I don't think there's another way.  
If there's a way to achieve this, please let me know.



Matt Ingram
Intermediate Unix Administrator, IS
Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

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