[Samba] getent returns HEX number instead of username

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Mar 1 05:31:45 GMT 2007

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Stephen Carville wrote:
> Not for all users but for some.
> I'm using samba 3.0.20 running on Fedora Core 3.  Security = ADS,
> winbind works and getent passwd returns local unix accounts plus the
> domain accounts as expected.
> It also returns a lot of entries like:
> 6811ff15281f4d19bdc:x:18004:10000:Anel Susana
> Esquivel:/export/private/6811ff15281f4d19bdc:"/sbin/nologin"
> I suspect these are accounts in a trusted domain.  AFAIK, they are not
> causing any problems but I'm wondering if this is normal (and harmless)
> or an indication I messed up something.  Could the owner of the hex
> numbered account access any shares on my server?  Ideally no one outside
> the domain designated in the smb.conf file should be able to access any
> shares on this server.

Never seen that.  Sorry.  What is the name supposed to be?

cheers, jerry
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