[Samba] OS/2 Warp 4 Access Issues

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Sat Jun 30 21:33:51 GMT 2007

On 2007/06/30 10:29 (GMT-0400) Michael Powell apparently typed:

> Sometime not too long ago, I installed a new security release of samba on my
> debian box.  Shortly after, I realized that my OS/2 Warp 4 box was no longer 
> able to access the shares on my debian box.  The OS/2 system is still able to
> access shares on other (Win9x) machines.

> I asked around about this issue on an OS/2 list.  Although no one there was 
> sure what might have caused it to quit working, they suggested that there
> was possibly a security issue with one of the older protocols which allowed
> OS/2 to access the shares.  They suggested that OS/2 uses drivers not updated 
> since the NT 3.x days, and that one might now be turned off by default by Samba,
> and that there might be a setting I could re-enable that would allow OS/2 to
> regain access to the shares.

> Is this a known "issue"?  If so, does anyone know what the work-around is, if
> any?

Problems between OS/2 and Samba have been the rule rather than the
exception since Samba 3 replaced Samba 2. Most issues are resolved in
the latest versions, but to really be able to help you'll probably need
to provide more information on your versions, kernel, Debian and Samba,
plus Samba configuration.

My SUSE box is running 3.0.26pre1 compiled from SVN plus a recompiled
kernel that includes SMBFS, as CIFS remains broken for use with OS/2. I
stay out of trouble by mounting all OS/2 shares ro, and using only OS/2
to move or copy files from Samba shares to OS/2.
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