[Samba] Static browse list entries

Michael Reiher redm at gmx.de
Thu Jun 28 22:08:36 GMT 2007


I guess my problem boils down to: Is there a way to add static browse list 

The longer version:
I have a firewalled network running here with one subnet in the Green zone
and a subnet in the demilitarized zone. In the Green zone a Samba server is
running as Master Browser and WINS, in the DMZ there is a Samba server
running as file server. The Clients get their browse lists from the server
in Green. I want the server in the DMZ to be accessible by the clients in
the Green subnet. But I wouldn't like to pin any holes into the firewall
(from DMZ to Green), nor spread the browse lists into the DMZ. I managed
the access part by adding a static entry to wins.dat of the Green server.

But now I want the DMZ server also to show up in the browse lists in the
Green subnet. But how can I do that? I could use "remote announce" on the
DMZ server, but for that I'd need to pin a hole into the firewall (from DMZ
to Green). I could use "remote browse sync" on the Green server, but that
would spread the browse lists into the DMZ, and thus reveal information
about the Green network to a possible attacker. I would need kind of an
inverse "remote announce" or a static browse list entry (like wins.dat).
However, trying to add an entry to browse.dat didn't seem to work. So is
there a way to achieve that somehow?

Samba fileserver in the DMZ is 3.0.24
Samba master/WINS in Green is 3.0.20



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