[Samba] win2k/xp clients cannot copy files after samba upgrade

Dirk Kleinhesselink dkleinh at phy.ucsf.edu
Thu Jun 28 17:53:12 GMT 2007

I have a linux server that I'm preparing to migrate our samba services to.
It has been running as a stand alone server and I intend to set it up
as a PDC - we have another old system working as a PDC now.

Because of some problems during samba testing (quite awhile ago) I decided
to upgrade the samba version running on the server - the original packaged
samba was 3.0.20 and I downloaded 3.0.25a and built it.  Windows clients
are getting this error when copying files to the server:

"cannot copy {file}: The process cannot access the file because another
process has locked a portion of the file"

using smbclient from a linux machine does not give a problem and I can
put files OK.  Windows clients can create and delete folders OK.  If I
kill the new version and restart the old samba daemons, then things work
fine.  With debug level 3, I can find this in the logs:

I did some extensive testing with a similar install setup and
did not have a problem until I realized that my test bed was running
a hand built 2.6.14 kernel, whereas my server is running a 2.6.18 vendor
supplied kernel.  I put the vendor supplied 2.6.18 kernel on my test
machine and the problem then manifested itself.  I need the vendor 
supplied kernel due to hardware setup on my server.  I tried a newer
2.6.19 kernel from them and still get the problem.

More information - the problem is with shares that are nfs mounted.  I
realize that sharing NFS mounted filesystems through samba may not be
the most ideal, but I have a large fileserver that I don't want local
users to have accounts on, yet be able to store data there.

I tried setting kernel oplocks = no and oplocks = no  in the global
parameters and this did not help.

Anyone have any information that can help me resolve this situation ?

Thanks for any help,


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