[Samba] copy over a mount smbfs gives an input/output error

Benoit Moeremans abeneuneu at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 15:30:58 GMT 2007

Hello all, I got a really strange problem. We use a linux server (server A)
to copy a lot of files (more than 20000 per day) on another linux server
(server B) by a samba mount.
We migrated the old server A, wich was running a redhat 7.2 and now it's a
redhat entreprise 4. The server B is running a debian sarge.
We copy these files since 5 years by the same way, we never got an error.
Since we are in rh4 with the samba client 3.0.10, generally there are no
problems, except on some files: on some files, the copy blocks, and we got
an input/output error. We can reproduce the problem with the files we got.
We have the problem with the mounts on w2k server. I changed the mount type
smbfs -> cifs, but the problem's still there.

I added an nfs mount to unblock the process, and the copy works without any

Is this a bug?
I'll send the binary file to anyone who watns to understand what happens.

  Any help would be welcome :-)



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