[Samba] cups page_log strangeness

Robert Gehr robert.gehr at baumann-gmbh.de
Thu Jun 28 09:31:17 GMT 2007

Hi there

I just upgraded from 3.0.23d to 3.0.25b. The server acts as PDC and 
print server.
The setup is that Win clients automtically download the printers from 
samba. Worked all right so far.

Here is what I did.

Compiled the new version and installed it.
Stopped smbd and nmbd and copied everything under /old-samba/var/ to 
"smb.conf" stayed the same.
Fired up the new version.

The printing system ist cups-1.2.11

Before the upgrade the cups page_log alwas showed entries in the form:

PrinterA userX 879018 [28/Jun/2007:09:37:38 +0200] 1 1 -
PrinterB userY 879019 [28/Jun/2007:09:37:40 +0200] 1 1 -
PrinterC userZ 879020 [28/Jun/2007:09:44:18 +0200] 1 1 -

Now the page_log looks like this:

PrinterA userX 879264 [28/Jun/2007:11:12:37 +0200] 1 1 -
PrinterC userZ 879265 [28/Jun/2007:11:13:49 +0200] 1 1 - localhost
PrinterC userY 879266 [28/Jun/2007:11:14:09 +0200] 1 1 - localhost
PrinterA userH 879270 [28/Jun/2007:11:20:03 +0200] 1 1 -

What's the localhost entry mean? It definetely is a job handed down from 
some Win client and did not originate on the server. Did I miss something?

Also a couple of minutes after bringing up the new version, a few people 
called that they could not print any more.
A few minutes later it worked again without me touching a thing.

Any ideas?


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