[Samba] Samba and LDAP: Trouble adding Win XP machines to the domain

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Wed Jun 27 16:16:44 GMT 2007

mikelOn escreveu:
> Hi Alex,
> I don´t think those modifiers would change anything but I have tried them
> anyway and the objectclass is still not being added.
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> Alex Crow wrote:
>> On Wed, 2007-06-27 at 01:42 -0700, mikelOn wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I finally found where the problem is. The samba attributes are not being
>>> added when the workstation entry is created. The "sambaSamAccount"
>>> objectclass is missing. 
>>> Why is it not being added if it is suppossed to be a windows workstation?
>>> Is
>>> there a bug in the "smbldap-useradd" script when invoked with the "-w"
>>> parameter?
>> You need both "-a" and "-m" passwd to smbldap-useradd for the samba
>> attributes to be added, IMHO.
>> Alex
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Again, those scripts are used only by tools that create accounts trough 
samba, like net or usrmgr, if you dont use it those lines will not be used.

About the samba attributes, when you add a machine account the script 
"add machine" must NOT ADD SAMBA ATTRIBUTES, only posix, samba does that 
alone. Refer to the idealx documentation (if you really want that things 
work properly, reading the documentation is not an option), it was 
already discussed here and the documentation explains how to configure 
that and how it should work.


About knowing what is happening, put a log level 2 or 3 and try to join 
a machine. Look at the logs, it should say what exit the script gave and 
what samba tried to do.


Edmundo Valle Neto

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