OT: ECC Memory - WAS: Re: [Samba] Possible Filesystem Corruption with Samba 3.0.25a (with XFS and LVM)

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 13:02:13 GMT 2007

> Hi John,
> Thanks for the response...
> This is what I was actually suspecting, but had no clue about these
> errors being logged in the BIOS - and thanks for the pointer to being
> able to read these on a running system - I'm off to read and test/implement.
My experience with this has been limited mostly to TYAN server class
motherboards (at home and at work). My home computer which is a dual
processor opteron (Thunder K8W) has this feature and this led me to
discover that the dimm slots on CPU1 were not usable.  I guess you
sometimes don't get a bargin on eBay as I paid 1/2 price for that
board. Good thing my 4GB of memory runs 100% stable on CPU0 but I
don't get the full bandwidth I could get...


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