[Samba] URGENT! Windows Server 2003 SP2 broke samba

boxyzzy at netscape.net boxyzzy at netscape.net
Tue Jun 26 20:17:03 GMT 2007

Reading the "How To Compile Samba" leads me to this question. Must I 
compile Samba with AD support as described in that document in order 
for the Samba server to be able to have userids/passwords authenticated 
by a W2K3/SP2 AD?

I only need to be able to continue to provide access to users' Unix 
home directories from their PCs via a Windows login script that 
includes: net use s: \\sambasvr\username  (where username is the same 
for both Unix and Windows).
Gee! I wish I had seen this coming! 
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On Monday 25 June 2007 12:32, boxyzzy at netscape.net wrote: 
> After applying SP2 to our Windows Server 2003 domain controller, we 
> unable to access Samba Version 3.0.4 shared user diectories.  
> Access fails with these message:  
> unable to validate password for user USER in domain DOMAIN to Domain 
> controller \\DOODAH. Error was NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED. 
> If no one has experienced and resolved this, how do I debug this 
> situation? 
> Thanks, in advance, for any help offered.  
Please update to the current version of Samba as soon as possible. The 
you are using has many problems with Windows 2003/XP. The current 
version is 
3.0.25a - yours dates back to around December 2003 - that is very old, 
out of 
date, and will not work with SP2 or later. 
- John T. 
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