[Samba] NTConfig.pol

Diego Ramos leituras at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 19:18:50 GMT 2007

Hi list.

   I've just configured a PDC server using RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 (update
5) and Samba 3.0.25a.
   Everithing is working fine. I'm not using LDAP and all my client machines
are installed with Windows XP Professional.
   I used the Mike Petersen website (
http://www.pcc-services.com/custom_poledit.html) to help me creating the
NTConfig.pol file and created custom profiles folder for each user.
   My PDC has three distincts groups. I've mapped them using the same name
for both NTGroup and UnixGroup (net groupmap add ntgroup=XXX unixgroup=XXX).
I'm not using any Windows default groups ("Power Users", "Users", etc).
   The strange scenario is that my clients are only reading the
NTConfig.pol during
their first logon in a machine, after that it seems that it assumes some
defaults configurations and don't read my NTConfig.pol file anymore.

Thks in advance,


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