[Samba] Moving user accounts from a domain to another - and changing their logins

Francis Galiegue fg at one2team.com
Tue Jun 26 16:32:46 GMT 2007

I've had sort of an idea, I'd like to know whether it sounds good or not...

Given that the main problem seems to be with the user hives (ntuser.dat), I 
thought about this scenario:

- brute force copy all the profiles from the old PDC to the new PDC, 
appropriate mv/chown;
- take all ntuser.dat files from the old domain users, name them after the 
user (for instance);
- connect as a local admin to a machine in the new domain, have all the hives 
- open regedit, and then for each hive:
	* load it under HKEY_USERS,
	* modify the ACLs so that the matching new user gets all the rights,
	* unload it;
- overwrite all hives on the new profiles with the ones "corrected" via the 
step above.

What do you think? Is there some crucial part that I'm missing?

Francis Galiegue, fg at one2team.com
12bis rue de la Pierre Levée, 75011 PARIS
+33143381980, +33683877875

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