[Samba] Possible Filesystem Corruption with Samba 3.0.25a (with XFS and LVM)

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Tue Jun 26 16:00:55 GMT 2007

On 6/26/2007, Andri (aoeuid at gmail.com) wrote:
> I've done occasional memtests for a few days straight, and all have
> ended successfully. If it wasn't one of those one-in-a-quintillion
> chances that the sun flipped the necessary bits in memory, I'm
> betting on software bugs.

Memtest is hardly a reliable test for memory. I have had bad memory pass 
test for days on end.

The best way I've ever found to reliably find bad memory is compile 
something big, like X. If your memory is bad, you'll find out pretty 


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