[Samba] winbind authentication performance: lookup_groupmem in large sites

SERGEYS Filip Filip.SERGEYS at post.be
Tue Jun 26 09:14:53 GMT 2007


I have set up winbind to authenticate linux pc's to a windows 2003 AD.
The authentication works, but the performance is not good (takes over 5 minutes)

OS: ubuntu 7.04
Samba: 3.0.24
AD: windows 2003

After analyzing the log.winbindd file in log level 10, I can see three major parts

1) lookup and authenticate the user -> performance OK
[2007/06/25 14:31:50, 10] nsswitch/winbindd.c:process_request(287)
  process_request: request fn GETPWNAM
[2007/06/25 14:31:50, 3] nsswitch/winbindd_user.c:winbindd_getpwnam(336)
  [    0]: getpwnam sergeyf
[2007/06/25 14:31:50, 10] sam/idmap_util.c:idmap_sid_to_uid(70)
  idmap_sid_to_uid: sid = [S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxx]
  internal_get_id_from_sid: record S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxx -> UID 87023

2) list all groups this user is member of. -> performance OK
[2007/06/25 14:31:54, 10] nsswitch/winbindd.c:process_request(287)
  process_request: request fn GETGROUPS
[2007/06/25 14:31:54, 3] nsswitch/winbindd_group.c:winbindd_getgroups(1017)
  [    0]: getgroups sergeyf
internal_get_id_from_sid: ID_GROUPID fetching record S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxx -> GID 10513
... (more than 50 groups)

3) Per group list all members of that group -> BOTTLENECK
[2007/06/25 17:18:02, 10] nsswitch/winbindd_cache.c:lookup_groupmem(1665)
  lookup_groupmem: [Cached] - doing backend query for info for domain XXXX
[2007/06/25 17:18:02, 10] nsswitch/winbindd_ads.c:lookup_groupmem(879)
  ads: lookup_groupmem POST sid=S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx

Step 3 is the one causing the delay because each group has about a 1000 users
If I interrupt the login, I actually see I am logged in, but in the background the process of listing the groups continues.

After I found this, I thought the problem had to be related to one of these settings:
        winbind expand groups = 0
        winbind nested groups =  no
Both settings where default settings first (1 and yes respectively), but after setting them to the values 0 and no, winbind still performed the lookup group members .

I also found this mailpost: http://archives.free.net.ph/message/20070613.052201.64562430.en.html
It mentions that this step should actually be asynchronous. When will that be implemented?

This is my question to the list: Is there a workaround or what settings do I need to apply.

Thanks in advance,

Filip Sergeys

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