[Samba] Shared Folder Stop users altering subfolder structure

Kevin Hall kevin.hall at hallictservices.co.uk
Sun Jun 24 10:28:18 GMT 2007

I am working in a school where each class has a class logon eg class1, class2 
etc. and in smb.conf each class is directed to their own folder on the server 
eg /shared/class1, /shared/class2 etc. 

When a pupil navigates to their class folder on the server, they see 
subfolders for each pupil in the class eg sid_smith, joe_bloggs etc. They 
then navigate to their named folder to load/save their work.

My problem is I seem unable to stop pupils changing the folder structure, ie 
deleting, moving or copying a folder. eg sid_smith becomes a subfolder in 

Is it possible or are individual logons the only solution?


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