[Samba] Re: Profile deleted

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Fri Jun 22 14:16:06 GMT 2007

Mario Gzuk wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 22.06.2007, 06:49 -0500 schrieb Rex Dieter:

>>> Is this normal?
>> Yes, Guest account profiles are not persistent (ie, reset on every login).

> No, the profile is persistent until you add this account to a local
> group. The M$ documentation says the same as you, but that is not
> correct for domain-guests, so this behavior is completely strange....

For machines that are part of a domain, Domain Guests are (by default) 
members of the local Guests group, and for *me*, Domain Guest profiles 
get wiped.  Dunno why/how it's different for you.

-- Rex

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