[Samba] YAST configuration for SAMBA on SLES 10 broken

Greg Shearer shearerg at onesteel.com
Thu Jun 21 23:23:46 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I've just recently carried out 2 clean installs of SUSE SLES 10 (SUSE Linux 
Enterprise Server 10 (i586) - Kernel (0)) and have found on 
both occasions that the YAST configuration tool for SAMBA in this release is 
broken. Initial configuration seems to be OK, but whenever subsequent changes 
are made they are not reflected in smb.conf. Just a little frustrating!

So .... either get it right the first time ... or brush up on manual 
configuration! I ended up copying a working smb.conf from a system running on 
an earlier release. Had to alter the entry for 'passdb backend', which had 
previously been allowed to be blank. Instead set it to 'passdb backend = 
smbpasswd', even though I'm using a 'password server' for authentication.

Hope this information is of use to someone.

Greg Shearer

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