[Samba] Management tool

Allysson Steve Mota Lacerda stevelacerda at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 13:12:27 GMT 2007

On 6/21/07, Adam Tauno Williams <adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can you be more specific what you want to manage?  User accounts and
> shares or workstations and applications.

Users (groups, permissions, expirity date)
E-mails (quotas)
Workstations (location, shares, remote installation)
Organisational structure [LDAP tree, basically]

Personally, I think almost all the free tools available are pretty
> miserable.  But GOsa is certainly the most interesting.

Do you advice me another one?

Allysson Steve Mota Lacerda
Administrador de Redes

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