[Samba] client cannot join correctly enough to samba-server

Xavier COUDIN xavier.coudin at ac-nantes.fr
Thu Jun 21 10:23:16 GMT 2007

hello bonjour,

I am facing the following problem
Je suis confronté au problème suivant

1 server Wk23 as domain-server
1 server samba 3.0.24
client XP-PRO

Samba server is supposed to be only file-server (and http server), just as member of the domain, because w2k3 is the domain-server
sentence "net rpc join -U xcoudin%mypassword" worked correctly, samba-machine answered that it successfuly joined the domain. And I can observe that the samba-computer is automatically added in the list of computers of the domain in Active-Directory of W2k3 server.

The user "xcoudin" exists
- in the linux-system
- in samba smbpasswd file
- as beeing one of the administrators of the w2k3 server
In all of theese 3 cases, they use the same password.

I am facing the following problems
- from XP client, I can connect to the samba-server, I can write a file into the fully-opend directory (physically located in /tmp)but...I can not remove this file
- I can not connect at all to the home-directory (identification does not open access to the directory)
- i can browse into another directory, can not write into it (I would like to...)

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