[Samba] Write access to one user and Read-Only for anyother

Maginot Junior maginot.junior at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 14:53:59 GMT 2007

the problem is if I set the write list or valid users Im only giving the
permission to those in the list... and the big problem is how to set all
other users to be in the read list ... I dont have group with all inside and
are not going to be any... I tryed with something like

   path = /home/memos
   write list = foouser
   read list = !foouser

but this doesnt work.... There are more them 100 users on this box so only
one have to be able to write on the share and all others have only to be
able to read....

On 6/20/07, Adam Tauno Williams <adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Im trying here to figure out how to make this to work...
> > I need that one user, lets say, userfoo be able to write and have all
> > permissions on the share [memos]... and ALL others who are not userfoo
> have
> > only read-only access...
> > The ideia is that userfoo can upload files to the share and everyone
> could
> > read them ...
> So set the file permissions;  and write list =, etc... in the share
> configuration.
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