[Samba] Problems with SAMBA as PDC and Windows XP SP2 as client

Personal Técnico tecnicos at caos.uab.es
Wed Jun 20 13:40:40 GMT 2007

John Drescher escribió:
> Is this preventing the user from logging on or loading their profile?
>>         profile acls = No
> If it is loading their profile I believe this may be your problem as I
> had the same problem a few months ago. Set that to yes. The reason for
> this is that WinXPSP2 checks the credentials of the profile match the
> user and rejects the profile when it does not match.
> John
We have changed this parameter to "Yes", but we continue with the same 
Logfile shows the following message: "smbd/service.c: 
make_connection_snum(849) Can't become connected user!"

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