[Samba] migrating files along with acls

Pierig Le Saux pierig56 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 19 09:51:43 GMT 2007

I am migrating files from an NT4 server to a Samba server using the 
command line:

 net rpc share MIGRATE FILES My_Share -S srv-nt4 -D srv-samba  
-UAdministrateur%passwd  --attrs --acls -v

Since these are french machines I think I am having trouble with 
I get these errors:

cannot check for directory \My_Share\Photos défenses: Call returned 
zero bytes (EOF)   


could not handle file \My_Share\Photos d�fenses\photo.JPG: 

However, If I leave out  the --acls option, file are copied correctly 
(of course leaving out correct acls)
How can I effectively migrate my old shares without losing the acls?
I am using the "inherit owner=yes" option but it doesn't seem to work 
all the time.
Could someone please enlighten me on these matters,
(I am using samba-3.0.23c-2.el5.2.0.2; wbinfo & getent work fine, I AM 
mounting my filesystem with acl support)



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