[Samba] decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length

alois blasbichler alois.blasbichler at sb-brixen.it
Mon Jun 18 12:24:26 GMT 2007

>> [2007/06/18 08:59:08, 0] libsmb/smbencrypt.c:decode_pw_buffer(520)
>> decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length (-1582166334).
>> [2007/06/18 08:59:08, 0] libsmb/smbencrypt.c:decode_pw_buffer(521)
>> decode_pw_buffer: check that 'encrypt passwords = yes'
>> in my smb.conf i have :       unix password sync = Yes
> I have a similar setup with thi settings:
> pam password change = no
> encrypt passwords = true
> unix password sync = no
> ldap password sync = yes
> It works well, since my users are all ldap+samba based. The 'ldap  
> password sync' updates both passwords well. See the manpage of  
> smb.conf for info about this setting.

Thank you

With your settings for me too it works well, except the attribute   
"shadowLastChange" was not updated. This i need for my other  
applications (like squid, email, apache) for password-expire.

So i inserted unix password sync = Yes , and  now also the attribute   
"shadowLastChange" was updated, but now i get an error-message when i  
change my password under Windows xp  and in the log i see the error  
like above (although all attributes were changed rigth).

Other suggestions?
Regards luis

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