[Samba] decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length

alois blasbichler alois.blasbichler at sb-brixen.it
Mon Jun 18 10:56:59 GMT 2007

>> I have a problem that i am confronting for long time and i dont get  
>> a result.
>> We use samba 3.0.24 (also tried other versions) with openldap and the
>> smbldap-tools  on Suse Linux SLES9.
>> We use openldap for user authentikation for samba (objectClass:
>> sambaSamAccount) and other application like email, apache, squid
>> (objectClass: shadowAccount and objectClass: posixAccount).
>> My scope is to have syncroniced the passwords and the expire-date for
>> samba- and shadow-Accounts.
>> My problem: when a user changes his password from a windows-client
>> (xp) he get an error like "The User name or old password is incorrect.
>> Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case."
>> The strange is that the server *did* change both Linux and Windows
>> passwords and the shadowLastChange and  sambaPwdLastSet attributes also.
>> So all is ok anly i get this "stupid" message.
> So, do you have a problem or not?

thank you for the answer.

Yes my problem is that i get this error message on the windows clinet   
when i change the password  and so i cant use this apsswort change  

>> [2007/06/18 08:59:08, 0] libsmb/smbencrypt.c:decode_pw_buffer(520)
>>    decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length (-1582166334).
>> [2007/06/18 08:59:08, 0] libsmb/smbencrypt.c:decode_pw_buffer(521)
>>    decode_pw_buffer: check that 'encrypt passwords = yes'
>> in my smb.conf i have :       unix password sync = Yes
>> Is this a bug ?
> These messages indicate that the old password was incorrect, and as such
> we have been unable to decrypt the new one (the new password is passed
> encrypted with the old one).

Wath these meens for me ? How can i bypass this problem ?
When i execute the script "smbldap-passwd" like root on the shell i  
dont get an error in the logfile.


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