[Samba] Profile deleted

Mario Gzuk mariogzuk at technikz.de
Mon Jun 18 09:39:15 GMT 2007

strange things or normal behavior? We have a samba domain and
"Domain-guests" accounts that are limited to log on to only some
machines, on this machines the "Domain-guests" are in the lokal admin
All data inc settings will be deleted if you add this user to the local
admin group (if the user was logged in one time before...).
Here the steps how you can rebuild this behavior:
1.) log on with an "Domain-guests" account and make some settings (and
store some data under "Documents and Settings")
2.) log off and add this "Domain-guests" account to the local admin
3.) log on again with this "Domain-guests" account -> all data and all
settings are gone. I was not able to find any of the files stored in
this account (under "Documents and Settings") and all settings are set
to the default.

Is this normal?

If the account is a "Domain-user" (or higher) you can add and delete
them from the local admin group without the lost of data. So this only
appears to the "Domain-guests".
Maybe that is one of the special hidden features from M$ which let the
people go berserk....

greetings and thanks for any hints!

mario gzuk

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