[Samba] Re: VPN and NetBIOS Name Service

shaunp elvis_costello79 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 15 22:14:34 GMT 2007

Hi Adam,

> How do you configure the PPP link?  We've had much better luck / less
> trouble on PPP links that are proxy arp'd to the 'host' network than
> ones configured in the traditional routed manner.
On my Mac OS X 10.3.9 system, ps -axww shows:
398  ??  Ss     0:00.03 pppd serviceid 9E47B01-FD8F-11DB-908B-000D93B4C93A
optionsfd 0 plugin
logfile /var/log/ppp.log plugin PPTP.ppp pptp-tcp-keepalive 60 remoteaddress
shaunpinney.dyndns.org lcp-echo-interval 60 lcp-echo-failure 5 mru 1500 mtu 1448
receive-all ipparam defaultroute novj ip-src-address-filter 2 0:0
noipdefault ipcp-accept-local ipcp-accept-remote usepeerdns +ipv6
ipv6cp-use-persistent noauth user shaunp mppe-stateless mppe-128 mppe-40
refuse-pap refuse-chap-md5 refuse-eap noaskpassword nodetach call VPN (PPTP)

I'll stick a proxyarp in "/etc/ppp/peers/VPN (PPTP) Configuration" and see what
results I get.

> If your host networks PPP creates the appropriate routes you can set
> remote announce of that Samba server to push the announcements to the
> client network.  If the VPN is down then the route won't exist and the
> packets are discarded.  Creates a little noise but has worked for us in
> the past.
I'm not running a Samba server on my home network, just the Windows XP Home
Edition stuff (b-mode only and no WINS server AFAIK).  I'd love to try out Samba
on Windows to test remote announce, but I can't find a port available.

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