[Samba] Shared dirs are empty. Help needed please!

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Fri Jun 15 01:44:31 GMT 2007

Hey fellas.  I just installed samba and am having a problem.  What I'm
trying to achieve is hosting a file server for my lan.  I don't want any
login/password's to be used or any of that.  The server box is running
Debian linux and the clients are a mix of debian and winxp.

On the server box I'm mounting the harddrives I want to share like this in
/dev/sda1       /storage/sata0  xfs     defaults        0       2
/dev/sdb1       /storage/sata1  xfs     defaults        0       2
/dev/sdc1       /storage/sata2  xfs     defaults        0       2
/dev/sdd1       /storage/sata3  xfs     defaults        0       2

/storage and all subdirs are owned by my file server user login name and are
chmod'ed with 744.

Next, I'm sharing them in /etc/samba/smb.conf as follows:
        workgroup = MSHOME
        server string = Samba %v on (%L)
        invalid users = root bin daemon adm sync shutdown halt mail news
uucp operator gopher
        max log size = 1000
        guest ok = yes
        guest only = yes
        browseable = yes
        read only = yes
        force directory mode = 744
        public = yes
        available = yes
        browse list = yes
        null passwords = yes
        security = share

        # so xp and linux dont argue over who's the master browser for the
        local master = no

        #  Networking configuration options
        hosts allow = 192.168.1. localhost

        comment = testing
        path = /storage/sata2

Now I try to connect using one of my client boxes by adding an entry into
the clients /etc/fstab as:
//Fileserver/test       /mnt/site       smbfs

/mnt/site is owned by the user login I use on that box and chmod'ed to 744.
After I mount /mnt/site on the client box, I see the sub-dirs I'm hoping to
see which are physically stored on the server box (/sorage/sata2/*).  The
problem is that all these sub-dirs appear to be empty when they actually
contain dirs/files.  For some reason I'm not able to see the contents of the

So my question is, what am I doing wrong that's causing me to see only the
sub-dirs but not their contents?  I've done a ton of reading today and still
haven't found the answer.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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