[Samba] Very slow initial opening MS-Word and MS-Excel files from Samba (Solved)

Berend Tober btober at seaworthysys.com
Thu Jun 14 14:31:50 GMT 2007

Marcello Romani wrote:
> Berend Tober ha scritto:
>> The first time a Word or Excel file is opened, i.e., when either Word 
>> or Excel have not been actively running "recently" (like, say for 
>> several minutes or more), the time it takes to start the application 
>> and load the file seem inordinately long.
>> Once the first evolution is complete, files open more-or-less 
>> instantly ...

Part of this implementation involved "hedging my bets", meaning I left 
the Novell Netware Client software installed on all the desktop 
computers in case there was a major, unanticipated disaster and we had 
to resume legacy server operations. Once that client software is 
removed, the initial load performance problem ceases.

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