[Samba] Windows member servers have lost their minds...

Rubin Bennett rbennett at thatitguy.com
Thu Jun 14 13:00:28 GMT 2007

Ok, I think I've narrowed the issue down now to the following snippet
from pdbedit -Lv:

pdb_getsampwrid (TDB): error looking up RID 513 by key RID_00000201.
 Error: Record does not exist
tdbsam_close: Reference count is now 1.
sid_to_gid: S-1-5-21-217398797-1463318779-1850952788-513 -> 100
store_gid_sid_cache: gid 100 in cache ->
pdb_set_group_sid: setting group sid
        setting group sid S-1-5-21-217398797-1463318779-1850952788-513
from rid 513

This appears to tell me that the mapping of RID 513 doesn't exist.
However, net groupmap list shows:

Domain Users (S-1-5-21-217398797-1463318779-1850952788-513) -> users

I've googled on the error above and found a couple of "me too" posts,
but no answer.  If I've done something stupid and it's so obvious that I
shoulda caught it immediately, I apologise, but I hope that someone will
see their way to enlighten me so that future id10ts who make the same
error will have a solution to reward their Googling efforts :)

Thank you as always,

Rubin Bennett
RB Technologies
rbennett at thatitguy.com
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security deserve neither liberty nor safety"   --Benjamin Franklin,
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