[Samba] Very slow initial opening MS-Word and MS-Excel files from Samba

Berend Tober btober at seaworthysys.com
Wed Jun 13 17:49:41 GMT 2007

Berend Tober wrote:
 > Aaron Kincer wrote:
 >> ...
>> Do you get the same behavior if you attempt to open a .doc file
>> with Open Office?
> The answer is yes to that, but I would estimate that it is a little
> less noticeable.

Let me correct that. It is a lot less noticable. Maybe even it doesn't 
happen and I'm seeing is the difference in load time for the OO 
software. Hard to tell for sure. Definitely it is not as bad with OO.

> Lastly, I'm not sure what happens when you use true or false as a value 
> for oplocks and level2 oplocks, but I thought the values were either yes 
> or no.

Using "no" in place of "false" made not difference.

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