[Samba] windows xp wildcard matching in cmd.exe (search pattern is changed to uppercase when using wildcards)

Alexander Geraldy geraldy at informatik.uni-kl.de
Wed Jun 13 06:37:24 GMT 2007


We probably have a Samba related Windows XP problem:
When I start the cmd.exe shell, enter a samba share and call "dir" I can 
see (for example):
a.java, b.java and c.JAVA
But if I call "dir *.java", only c.JAVA is reported.

A ethereal trace shows that Windows XP is sending "Search Pattern: 
\server\path\<.JAVA". That means that all letters have changed to upper 
case. The case-sensitive Samba server seems to answer correctly to this 
wrong search pattern.
However, if I call "dir a.java", the case is not changed and the file is 
shown properly. So Win XP (or cmd.exe) seems to change the case to 
uppercase if a wildcard is found

We can't change our Samba server to work "case insensitive". Is there 
any other way to handle or change this misbehavior?

Alexander Geraldy

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