[Samba] Using Samba to Increase Performance over a WAN/VPN Connection

Nolan Garrett nolan at massivegeek.com
Tue Jun 12 21:02:02 GMT 2007


I am attempting to use Samba to increase performance over a PtP VPN
connection.  The current scenario is a main branch, with a satellite
branch that is connected via a VPN (1.5Mbps max connection speed).  I
have all users joined to a domain, but the DC is over at the main
branch.  To better serve the needs of the users, offline files and
file/folder redirection has been implemented to make backups more
simple.  The downside of this is that the speed in the satellite office
when it comes to logging on, accessing files, etc, is horrible.  To add
to this problem, many of the users move between the two offices, so a
static solution of just pointing their profiles to a specific server
won't work.

I would like to use Samba, joined to the domain to create a local
"cache" of all the files that are also on the DC, particularly the user
profiles.  After doing some research, it appears I can use DFS to create
a level of indirection, allowing the workstations to choose the server
closest to them that contain the files they need.  It also appears that
Samba supports DFS.  However, it looks like what I need to do is:

A) Set up DFS on the main DC, having it point to the DC's files and the
files on the Samba Server.
B) Find some way to sync the files.  This is the part where I am at a
loss.  How can I sync these files?

A final question - if I go to \\domain\Profiles, that share already
exists.  Is it going to break anything if I set up DFS as the
\\domain\Profiles share?

Thank you!


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