[Samba] Share a directory via NFS and Samba at the same time not possible

Laurenz, Dirk Dirk.Laurenz at fujitsu-siemens.com
Mon Jun 11 12:44:24 GMT 2007

Hello Folks,

i'have a problem share a directory to both unix(nfs) and windows(samba).
The main problem is, that the rights are associated to winbind groups.
the user in question can access the files from windows correctly and
locally correctly (via su -$USER). If i mount the directory via nfs and
make a su - $USER i can't write to the directory. when calling getfacl $DIR
i can see, that non of the winbind groups are resolved. Only the ldap
groups are resolved. for every winbind group is only the gidnumber shown.
Why are those groups not resolved via nfs?

Mit freundlichem Gruss,

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