[Samba] Samba processes lifetime

Adam Tauno Williams adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 11:49:09 GMT 2007

> i use the "smbstatus -b" command to check the users connected to my
> network (the clients are windows XP, and they connect to a samba PDC).
> but i notice thar often, even if a user logs-off from windows xp,
> using smbstatus i see that he is connected yet. this is very annoying

It is also normal behavior.

> because i cant obtain raliable informations from smbstatus!

Nope,  smbstatus is not useful for that purpose.  The status of a CIFS
connection cannot be used as presence.

> is there a way to set a sort of "lifetime" for samba processes? 

deadtime = ?

> a wayo
> to check "this user is REALLY connected? yes? ok, no? kill the
> process!"

Perform an RPC/WMI request to the workstation.

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