[Samba] Vista client / Linux server - high browsing latency

Rune Tønnesen rune at tonnesen.org
Sun Jun 10 15:27:43 GMT 2007

Hi Jay
> Ah, sorry, I should have been clearer. Reboot of the Vista client back
> into Vista.
> An XP Pro installation on the same client has no problem with performance.
Do you map the drive using the samba servers computername or it's IP-address
>> master browser = ?
my bad it is not called master browser. Master Browser is just the role 
the server gets.

Try these settings

domain master = Yes

local master = Yes

preferred master = Yes

os level = 65

wins support = yes

If you want you can try these too.



Rune Tønnesen
Bedste Hilsner/Best Regards

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